I have always had a sensitive heart.

As a 9-years-old kid, I had seen a very old crippled man begging for alms. By the time he reached our car window the red light turned green and we drove away. On my childlike insistence, we did go back, found that man and gave him Rs.50.

Later I asked my parents why he was in such a bad state and why did he have to beg at all? Did he have no home? What did he do when winters came? With many more such questions answered in the most matter-of-factly way, I wasn’t very convinced. The sight of beggars, especially the elderly, always invoked a feeling of restlessness in me.

I have always deemed it quintessentially important to give back to the society. That is somewhat a hackneyed phrase; people cheapen the crescendoes of language by using superlatives for everyday occurrences, making it really hard to convey the few subtle transcendent feelings. But I will still try to express myself within the close confines of our language.

My feelings of compassion and sensitivity have managed to show me the path almost always. It has led to the inception of my two initiatives to affect a positive social impact.

Able Hands is an NGO I started in 2015. We have conducted campaigns like Project Warmth (distributing over 1,000 articles of clothing to the homeless and slum residents) and Project Connect (teaching Skype to the old residents of my colony, to help them stay in touch with their children abroad). We also teach Mental Maths to students who do not have a natural affinity for the subject, and Chess to underprivileged children.

The Book Shack is an initiative launch in 2016 which is improving the access to knowledge in schools around Delhi, in the form of second-hand books. We distribute second-hand books (procured from the scrapdealer and throguh donations) to students of Government Schools, and conduct reading sessions for students of Primary Schools.

You can find more about the individual initiatives on their respective websites given below.