To create new things, to hack and tinker, to change the way things work and ultimately change the world - its an empowering feeling. Making has been a passion, one verging on mania. Every time I sit down on my desk with a new idea I am just not willing to shelve, I get up having been through an experience profoundly invigorating and having been enlightened towards a dimension of Manan that I never knew existed. To make things from scratch is a truly wonderful feeling - like that of new life springing beneath your fingers.

Here you can find the projects that I have worked on thus far. Scroll down for brief descriptions

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Space Settlement in Asteroid Belt

  • Field : Astronomy, Physics, Automation Engineering

  • Designed a Space Settlement housed in the Asteroid Belt (between Mars and Jupiter) for the NASA Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition. Worked on Automation Engineering of the settlement, designing 3D structures of robotic machinery.
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Glovvy: a Communication
Aid for the Partially-Paralysed

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Robotic Dog
My Pet

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