The month-long MIT Launch Summer Camp is hands down the best opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs.

For me, it was the first time I stayed away from home for so long. But it was made simply amaazing by the 68 amazing people I had the honest privilege to meet. Living at Next House, I experienced college life in the best possible way. (Trying to) look after myself, hoarding Domino's Pizza (with extra jalapenos) in the fridge wrapped in two opaque polythene bags for security, having apples ~only~ for breakfast every single day despite having Bagels, strawberry jam, nutella <3, milk and oats lying just there, Ubering for Sloan when I got late (and never splitting the fair :), reaching a 9:00 class at 9:00.99, running 18km in one day when a friend called me 'sore' -.- , taking 1 pizza slice for lunch and waiting for the chance to take another...

...those four weeks I will never forget.

Launch had industry veterans, entrepreneurs, and faculty of the MIT Sloan School of Management take lectures and teach us the nuances of entrepreneurship.!


Laurie Stach, Founder & Executive Director, MIT Launch
Bill Aulet, Managing Director, The Martin Trust Center
Nathaniel Burns, Senior Finance Manager, Microsoft
Paul Stoltz, Ph.D, CEO at PEAK Learning, Inc.
Jaylen D. Bledsoe, CEO, The Jaylen D. Bledsoe Global Group
Daniel Wiese, Ph.D, CTO,


Market Simulation

‚ÄčAt Launch, I started Ordyr -- a company aiming to revolutionise the restaurant industry by modernising sit-down dining. We are currently working on an app that allows users to order and pay for their food without haing to wait for the waiter.

But Ordyr was hardly the only thing we worked on.

In the very first week, we had a Market Simulation. Divided into teams of 4-5 and given $20 of real cash, our goal was to set up a mini-company stall in the Infinity Corridor next morning.

Presenting (drumroll) ...... the Beaver Fever Pies !

Michael Wang, Ryan Chang, Paulina Anzaldo, and I bought nearly 3 dozen pies, a pack of marshmallows and some toothpicks. What was next, you could see *adorable* beaver-shaped pies, with marshmallow-teeth.

I remember when Ryan and I followed someone into the bathroom to sell a pie.And then went into the Infinity Corridor Cafe to steal their customers. We did manage to find someone who bought his coffee from the cafe and a pie from us!

Soon enough, Beaver Fever Pies became the talk of MIT, with official staff too gorging on the pies and buying morefor their kids.

The next day in class, we filled up a Balance Sheet and calculated the company's revenue and net worth.Beaver Fever Pies had the Highest Net Worth !!! B)