I started playing Chess at the age of 5. I recall my first tournament - the Delhi State School Team Tournament 2005, with each school pitching 4 players. I, the youngest from my school, played on the 4th board. When I scored 4 points out of 5, my parents were elated and our school coach couldn't stop making much of me. I had a hard time explaining to him that I had faced easier opponents than my other team mates.

Soon afterwards, I became the first rated player of the school. My parents started taking more interested in the sport, and Chess became a flagship sports offering of the school. Went that day and came today, my team has all rated players and we have held on to the State Cup for more than 5 years. I myself have become State Champion and played not only for Delhi, but also for India.

It has truly been a remarkable journey - one that couldn't have been complete without the many friends and teachers who have stood by me, behind me.

Here are a few of my achievements in Chess thus far.