Hello! I first met a fellow human 16 years back in a beautiful Autumn August of 1999. Before that, I'd been much of a voyager - a free spirit in essence. Over the years, I have had the pleasure of being part of one of the finest races in much of the yet-known universe.I first met a fellow human 16 years back in a beautiful Autumn August of 1999.

What I Care About

Science & Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science entice me with their propensity for creation--engineering allows me to construct the real world, computer science to generate the virtual. Science defines practical reality--contouring the limits of possibility. As an aspiring innovator and a scientist, these skills are essential to me.


To take initiative and risk, to integrate and collaborate, to develop and build, to deliver value – is the essence of Entrepreneurship. With Global development entering a phase with emphasis on Entrepreneurship, the economy in both developed and emerging countries puts a premium on innovative entrepreneurship.

Intersection of Business & Technology

To create new things, to hack and tinker, to change the way things work and ultimately change the world - its an empowering feeling. Making has been a passion, one verging on mania.


I find in people a great resource, and working with diverse and dedicated team-members helps me better achieve goals as a co-worker and leader. Even as Head Boy of my school, I’ve experienced the need for effective teamwork to succeed. Having led many team ventures, Leadership to me is inspiring others to take on challenging roles to perform better.


I was barely six when I was introduced to this battle-simulating board game. As eleven years have passed now, I forget when those 64 squares became a shadow of my entire world. I forget when the black-and-white chess board began to reflect my every action and every hue in the animated world I inhabit. But I do have entrenched in my memory, each of those moves of Chess which taught me a lesson in life so profound, it transformed my entire character. Both as a student of moves and as a teacher, Chess lives in me.

Community Outreach

To engage and empower the individuals with better information and knowledge; to inspire and strengthen our communities by building hope and spreading smiles – is my way of giving back to where it all came from.